Sunday, October 31, 2010


Daddy was in Boston for work this year so Rachel and I spent her second Halloween together.  We started the morning with a nice hike up Torrey Pines with great aunt Donna and cousin Kristin, Rachel rode up in a hiking backpack.  She loved it for the first half and the bumpiness of the trail put her to sleep for the rest of the hike, she missed the ocean views and beach parts :(  but she had a nice snooze.
Later, we trick or treated at the shopping center by our house.  We went to a few shops and got some candy then hung out by the fountain.
Mommy tried to put my ladybug hat on....yeah right!  

Trick or Treat

Can I go swimming now?

Later in the evening we went to our friend Kensley's house to trick or treat in her neighborhood.  

Kensley and Rachel

No one is looking, quick eat the candy!

"Ummm...I think these are pretzels. That's ok, we just chew on the wrappers anyway."

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