Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to make baby leg warmers

These were so great when Rachel started crawling, they helped protect her knees when she wasn't wearing pants.  I have very minimal sewing skills, am not at all creative or crafty and I could make these!  My "lines" were not straight and the stitches feel out a bit but they got the job done.  I'm sure anyone with any sort of skill could make a living out of making these for little legs.  

Step 1:  Buy a pair of women's or girls knee hi socks.  I got mine at Target of course, my favorite store.

main product image

Step 2:  Cut the foot off the sock, right at the ankle.

Step 3: Turn the long part of the sock inside out, fold the cut end over and sew all the way around.

Step 4: Turn it right side out and put on your baby.  Voila, you have made a leg warmer!

*Bonus, you can use the foot part for yourself and have a matching pair of ankle socks.

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