Sunday, October 31, 2010


Daddy was in Boston for work this year so Rachel and I spent her second Halloween together.  We started the morning with a nice hike up Torrey Pines with great aunt Donna and cousin Kristin, Rachel rode up in a hiking backpack.  She loved it for the first half and the bumpiness of the trail put her to sleep for the rest of the hike, she missed the ocean views and beach parts :(  but she had a nice snooze.
Later, we trick or treated at the shopping center by our house.  We went to a few shops and got some candy then hung out by the fountain.
Mommy tried to put my ladybug hat on....yeah right!  

Trick or Treat

Can I go swimming now?

Later in the evening we went to our friend Kensley's house to trick or treat in her neighborhood.  

Kensley and Rachel

No one is looking, quick eat the candy!

"Ummm...I think these are pretzels. That's ok, we just chew on the wrappers anyway."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bates Nut Farm

Visit from the Midwest

My cousin Dan came to visit us this weekend from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  It was his very first trip to California so Rachel and I made sure to show him a good time, we took in all the sights in San Diego and did a little surfing.
Practicing Walking in La Jolla, getting so close!

 Balboa Park Botanical  Garden

 Chillin in a hammock at the Wavehouse 

 The BIG wave

 Rachel and Mommy will stick to swinging in the hammock, leave the surfing to cousin Danny!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lady Bugs, Bees, Dragons and Kitties, OH MY!

Rachel and her buddies; Taylor, Kensley and Abby decided it was a good day to take their parents to Bates Nut Farm for some pumpkin picking!  There was an awesome petting zoo with baby goats (adorable) and turkey, chicken, duck hybrids (not adorable).  Daddy enjoyed the kettle corn and Rachel's snacks which seem to be a hit with Baby and Daddy.  We left the farm with two nice pumpkins for mom and dad and one little baby pumpkin for Rachel.  It was a really fun day!

Taylor & Lisa, Rachel & Jen, Erica & Kensley

Daddy & Rachel, so happy together 

 Dragon, why are you so sad?

 Let me see if this pumpkin tastes alright...

 Yep, it's good!  
 I'm confused????

 Hi, Abby

 Our little Family

 Hang on babies, I will push you!

 I wonder how many pumpkins we could put in there? 

Trick or Treat!
Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to make baby leg warmers

These were so great when Rachel started crawling, they helped protect her knees when she wasn't wearing pants.  I have very minimal sewing skills, am not at all creative or crafty and I could make these!  My "lines" were not straight and the stitches feel out a bit but they got the job done.  I'm sure anyone with any sort of skill could make a living out of making these for little legs.  

Step 1:  Buy a pair of women's or girls knee hi socks.  I got mine at Target of course, my favorite store.

main product image

Step 2:  Cut the foot off the sock, right at the ankle.

Step 3: Turn the long part of the sock inside out, fold the cut end over and sew all the way around.

Step 4: Turn it right side out and put on your baby.  Voila, you have made a leg warmer!

*Bonus, you can use the foot part for yourself and have a matching pair of ankle socks.

Molar Mania

Rachel is just 13 months old and is cutting her 2nd molar!  I have heard that this is early for molars and I don't think any of her friends have theirs yet.  They have also been very painful, even bleeding when the gums break, ouch.  It has effected her sleeping and eating habits and she doesn't get a break, once one finally comes in another one seems to start.  Hopefully they will all be done in the next few months, in the meantime baby advil and teething rings are our best friends!

 $1 off coupon for Rachel's favorite pain reliever
Click for Target Coupon

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Arriving in Halloween outfit
Costume Time!
What is this stuff on the ground?
Abby and Rachel are not happy to be there...
...nope, not happy at all
oh hey, a goat! This is better.
I hate this ride
wait, this isn't so bad
Mom, are you watching?
Here I come!

This is my pumpkin!

Look at all the hay

Lady Bug Steps

First Ride with friends

Bee and Bug

Max and Rachel
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