Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon 2012

Picking up our race day packets at the expo the day before

Walking over to the starting line

Watching the full marathon get started on the strip!

Looking a little nervous :)

I have to pass all these people to win!! :)

PF Chang's dragon, pass it and get free lettuce wraps! YES!!

All done!  The day after the race.  

Tanya and Jen

Scott's stats

There was a marathon photographer taking shots the whole way, they are blurry cause they want us to buy them.  I did the best I could to copy them, too cheap to spend $70!!

Scott crossing the finish line, looks like a smile!

My final stats

5 miles in I think.....almost half way there

Crossing the finish line, I think my arms were tired

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