Monday, November 1, 2010

Hair Don'ts and Baby Do's

There really isn't too much to say.  This isn't a good look.

While the hair continues to do it's own thing,  Rachel is beginning to do some exciting new things!  About a week ago she decided to start clapping, we were in Vons grocery shopping and she did it out of the blue!  Ever since she has been clapping at everything and loves it when everyone gets excited.  She is also beginning to wave bye-bye!  Every night when she gets out of the bath I say "bye-bye bath" and wave to her toys, last night she waved also!  She had been practicing moving her little fingers in a waving motion for about a week now and she applied the skill last night for the first time.  Rachel is also making progress in the weight gaining department.  She had a weigh in at the doctor last week because at her one year appointment she was below the growth chart :(.  I am happy to report that thanks to daily peanut butter and butter sandwiches and lots of snacks Rachel is back on the chart!  She is just barely on the bottom weighing in at 18.4 lbs. but here's hoping that a few more pb&b sandwiches and she will be on her way to being a chubber...or at least staying on the chart.   

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