Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's been awhile so this might be a long one....

Bennett is now almost 13 months old and walking!  Rachel is 3 years old and has started preschool!

Bennett is "toddling"  all over the house these days, he took his first couple steps ON his birthday.  I guess this means he is no longer a baby and is now a toddler.

You can also view this video and more on my you tube page: 

Rachel has been in preschool for four weeks now and is warming up to it.  If her school photos are any indication of how she feels about school well.....

Every morning she tells me "I didn't wanna go to school" which means I DON'T want to go to school. But, as soon as we get there and she sees her friends and teachers I can tell she is happy even though she tries to hide her smile (gotta keep up the illusion of unhappiness about school, DRAMA QUEEN). When I pick her up she says she likes her teachers, friends and has so much fun at school but when I ask if she wants to go back tomorrow it's a very adamant "NO!"  I don't know if I will ever figure this girl out!  :) 

Hopefully she is more excited about Halloween, she is going to be a cowgirl!  We tried her costume on today and she said, "It's tute" (cute).  I agree!

"eeeeee AAAAAA" that's what she says when riding the "horse" cause she thinks it's a donkey 

It can be near impossible to get a picture of these two together but I keep trying....

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