Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sixteen Months Old

So far, this is my favorite age!  Rachel is still not talking but does a lot of babbling, especially if she's on the phone (toy phone that is).  She understands a lot of what we say to her and sometimes I feel like she just thinks we are big dorks and is too smart for us.  If you ask to see her belly button she will pull up her shirt and point to it, so cute.  She likes to hide under a towel and pop out only after you shout, "Where is Rachel?" She hates to be told "no" and will scream and yell at you if you dare do.  Rachel has all of her teeth now but still doesn't eat much, mostly fruit and yogurt.  She loves playing at the park and can climb all the way up to the slide by herself, turn around so she is on her belly and slide down.  Her favorite is still the swing though.  She is walking like a champ, very steady and graceful, most of the time.  She likes to take all of her toys and put them over the safety gate in our den where she can't get to them, this doesn't make sense to us but it seems to be part of her master plan.  Rachel LOVES going to music class every week and learning new songs and checking out the instruments.  She still loves water and looks forward to her bath every night, she likes to take my hand and walk me down the hall to the bathroom, this means it's bath time.  Rachel loves to laugh, it's her favorite, she will even force a laugh to get our attention.  She is a funny, sweet, loving, beautiful little girl and I'm the luckies mommy in the world!

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