Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Bag of Tricks

Rachel has always been giggle happy and has a nice little baby laugh, recently she has learned that if she laughs, it makes mommy laugh. She has gotten good at forcing out a fake laugh, especially when she wants to get out of going to bed, since this usually leads to a baby and mommy giggle fest. This happens before bedtime every night.
Of course, she is also very ticklish and in the video mommy is making her laugh. Among her other new tricks are sticking out her tongue and blowing, drooling and lots of babbles. I think we are getting close to hearing a DaDa!
Apparently, she also makes herself laugh because when I played the video back and she heard herself laughing she started cracking up! I wish I had gotten that! Next time maybe.

Ruffle Bottom Baby

Up on my hands and knees!

Posing in my new Jammies

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